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2nd Gastro Update Europe - June 12-13th, Budapest, Hungary
Data di pubblicazione: 02/04/2015

Are you and the members of your society interested in receiving a high-quality, comprehensive update in Gastroenterology?

Join us for the 2nd Gastro Update Europe taking place on June 12th & 13th in Budapest, Hungary! Our special offer to SIGE: 8 free entry tickets (3 regular entry tickets and 5 entry tickets for gastroenterologists participating with an ePoster). Following the tradition of the successful Update congresses in Germany, your members will receive 14 lectures summarizing the latest international studies on topics such as:

- Intestinal Absorption/Malabsorption

- Hepatology 

- Large/Small Bowel

- Endoscopy  

- Motility and Functional Disorders

- Upper & Lower GI Surgery, and many more


We have worked intensely to create an attractive program which is interactive and 100% unbiased! In addition we promise clinical relevance for your practice! For more information concerning our expert faculty and the unique concept, please visit: Join us and colleagues from across Europe and beyond, for a complete update in Gastroenterology.


The Scientific Board

Peter Layer (Germany),   

Lars Lundell (Sweden),   

Jan Tack (Belgium),   

Guido Tytgat (Netherlands)    

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