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Marzo: mese di sensibilizzazione sul cancro colorettale europeo (CRC)
Data di pubblicazione: 02/03/2020
Marzo è il mese della sensibilizzazione europea sul cancro colorettale (CRC), che costituisce il secondo cancro killer in Europa. Di seguito l’informativa UEG:

“We would like to invite you to join us in raising awareness of CRC, as well as call for EU and Member State political actions and commitments – such as the implementation of organised CRC screening programmes – to help reduce the burden of CRC across Europe.
  • Our new CRC manifesto – ‘Coordinating European Action Against Colorectal Cancer’. View & download here.
  • Face Up To Colorectal Cancer animation. View here.
  • Colorectal Screening Across Europe leaflet. View and download here
  • CRC animated GIFs. View and download here.
  • Further information, statistics, infographics and resources on CRC can be viewed on our website. Click here.
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